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We are able to help save over 100 rats per year!


Pet stores sell rats who have been irresponsibly bred from sick and/or unsocialized rat parents. They do not know how to sex rats, so they send pregnant pet rats home with parents, uneducated about rats, who think they've found an easy small pet for their child. When the child tires of the rat, or the rat start having babies, anxious parents look for a way to get rid of them.


We are here to take care of the ill-treated rats and make the public aware of this problem. We provide 24/7, lifetime care for our permanent foster rats including free-range time and excellent food, bedding and health care.


We encourage the public: not to own snakes that have to eat live food and not to buy pet rats from pet stores. We encourage potential rat owners to research the time and costs involved in keeping them before making a decision. We adopt responsibly.

Our rescue network is dependent on adoptive and foster homes. We do not have a central rescue location.

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